Counseling / Healing:

The core of transformation is the recovery of the heart. Our healing ministry involves Holy Spirit led counseling that facilitates healing and an intimate relationship with Christ. Individual and group therapy is offered in a loving environment while we watch stolen childhoods and lives restored.

Bible Discipleship Classes:

Recognizing that each of us is made in the image of God, residents are discipled and participate in bible teachings. We all participate as a family in a weekly church service.

Worship Nights / Music and Dance:

We all have a strong connection to music. Our residents participate in group worship, singing, creating, and listening to music that can be very therapeutic. It is a way to connect to the Father and to get in touch with emotions and feelings.

Animal Therapy:

Animals and Humans help each other heal.

We offer sanctuary to animals in need. In turn we are blessed with the results of the impact animals have on emotional healing. The residents get to offer their love and care for God’s creatures.

Have an animal in need?

Donate finances and supplies for animals

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Everyone on the farm participates in farming and gardening. We strive to have sustainability through our own resources. It also helps us learn to work together as family and eat healthy.

To volunteer in the gardens and / or to donate finances and supplies.

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Life – Skills Development:

Our goal is to educate our residents through training and workshops. We offer training in computer, job search, cooking, sewing, gardening, parenting, nutrition and other life management skills. Helping residents improve life skills and empower them to reach future goals and fulfill their destinies.